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High Efficiency Boilers

High Efficiency Boilers

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heboiler001‘SEDBUK A-Rated’ High Efficiency Condensing Boilers

What is a High Efficiency Boiler?

SEDBUK is the recognised benchmark rating system by which we are told how efficient a product is.  It is applied on almost anything that consumes energy, or affects the energy useage in a property (such as double glazing, kitchen appliances, vehicles and even the home itself).

For a boiler to be given a SEDBUK rating of ‘A’, it must have an efficiency rating of 90% or above.  This means that at least 90% of the fuel being used to run it (be it gas, oil or LPG), at least 90% of the fuel is turned to useable heat by the boiler.

As a Worcester-Bosch Accredited Installer, every Worcester-Bosch Greenstar boiler we install is guaranteed to be ‘A’ Rated.

The term ‘condensing boiler’ refers to the fact that the boilers produce condensate from time to time.

Condensing boilers use heat from exhaust gases that would normally be released into the atmosphere through the flue. To use this latent heat, the water vapour from the exhaust gas is turned into liquid condensate.

What are the benefits of upgrading to a High Efficiency Boiler?

The most obvious benefit to a High Efficiency boiler, is that it will ultimately use less fuel and ultimately save you money on fuel.  The energy savings trust estimate that the average household will save £235 per year by switching to a high efficiency condensing boiler.  This saving will only increase as the cost of fuel continues to rise.

When we fit a new boiler to an existing system, we always run a chemical cleanser through the system to remove as much sludge and deposits from the old system before we connect it to the new boiler.  This also helps efficiency as it improves the flow of water through the system and provides more heat with less strain on the boiler.

Additional incentives

heboiler003Home Glow has its own special offers and incentives for those wishing to upgrade their boiler or central heating.  However, it is always worthwhile keeping an eye on the Energy Savings Trust website for the occasional incentives or schemes they run.  In the past these have included:

  • Partial grants for replacing old inefficient boilers
  • Interest free loans for high efficiency boilers
  • Loft and cavity insulation for the over 60s
  • Grants for upgrading to Renewable Central Heating Systems

The incentives only run for specific periods of time and new incentives are introduced regularly.  Keep up to date with the current offers by visiting the Energy Savings Trust website, or call us on 0800 027 0061 for information on our own incentives.


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