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Blocked Drains Glasgow

Blocked Drains Glasgow


Are you having problems with your drainage system?
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Dedicated Drainage Team - Professional Drain Clearing

At Home Glow, we have our own dedicated Drain Survey and Clearing Van, which is equipped with a considerable amount of tools and equipment specifically for surveying, unblocking and repairing drains and waste pipes.

The 2 man team provide services including:

  • High Pressure Jetting
  • Drain Rods
  • CCTV Drain Survey
  • CCTV Report including DVD
  • Excavation and Repair of Collapsed Drains
  • Clearing blocked sinks and blocked wastes
  • Clearing blocked drains and manholes
  • Installing and replacing sani-flo pumps and waste macerators
  • Clearing gutters and down pipes

Emergency plumber Glasgow

Our aim is to get your blockage or drainage issue rectified as quickly as possible once on site. The specialist equipment and trained individuals who operate them ensure that your drainage problem is diagnosed, rectified and checked thoroughly before the job is signed off. We don’t like being called back to jobs, so getting it right first time is as important to us as it is to you.

Most repairs are carried out on a clear hourly rate basis, although for larger jobs such as excavations and CCTV Surveys we are happy to provide a quotation in advance. Please contact us on 0800 027 0061 for more information or to arrange a visit by our team.Useful Information about drains


What is a Drain CCTV?

A drain CCTV is a specialised camera on a cylindrical head attached to a roll of strong cable. It can be fed down through a drain from a manhole of rodding point to provide images to a screen above. This allows the engineers to see what is causing the blockage.

What is a CCTV Survey Report?

A CCTV Survey Report is normally a written diagnosis and recommendation given by the engineer following a CCTV inspection. It is normally accompanied by a DVD recording of the inspection that was carried out and will often refer to what is on screen at certain timelines on the DVD.

When would a report be required?

Normally, a CCTV survey report would be required when the customer intends on making an insurance claim, or is seeking to claim costs from a 3rd party (i.e. the previous owner or a neighbour depending on the cause of the fault).

Why do they need high pressure jetting to clear the drain?

Whilst minor blockages can be cleared and freed up using manual methods such as plungers and/or drain rods or springs, more severe blockages (particularly in outside drains) require somewhat more pressure to shift the cause of the blockage. High pressure jetting forces a particular size and shape of rod head down the drain via a manhole or rodding point. This not only clears blockages faster than manual methods, it can also shift stubborn blockages that a plumber or drainage engineer would struggle to manually.


Is the work guaranteed?

Before our Glasgow engineers leave site, they will thoroughly test the drain to ensure that the water is now running freely down the drain. Where appropriate, they will check with the CCTV camera to ensure the original blockage has shifted.

However, if those using the drain continue to put items down it which are not suitable for it, then ultimately it will block again (wet wipes and broken toilet ducks are amongst the most common).

All of our work is guaranteed, however re-occuring blockages caused by depositing unsuitable material in the drain will be chargeable to reattend.

Blocked Drains Area

Our emergency blocked Drains team cover most areas in Glasgow and Lanarkshire including:


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